Invisible Woman

I have long been concerned that I am becoming more invisible the older I get. Which is strange as I am a bigger part of many other people’s lives than I was when I was younger. Like many women, I offer an exhausting support service for all the people I love- and I am happy to do it. I have two teenage sons, a husband, a brother, ageing parents…the list goes on, but I have somehow become lost in the chaos. This struck home last week when I was at a drinks party with work colleagues. I work as a teacher and have worked at the school, part-time, for 12 years. I began talking to one of the cooks who works in the kitchen. He was amazed when I said I had worked there for years, as he had never noticed me and did not recognise me at all. I understand that being invisible is really my own fault-I have always been happy to blend into the background. I hate public speaking because I feel very self-conscious when I am the centre of attention. I used to think that was fine- after all, not everyone likes to stand out and nobody want a world full of prima donnas- but maybe not getting noticed at all is a step too far? I feel quite sure that many women get lost amongst all their commitments. Middle-aged women are the glue that holds everything together and we offer a secure foundation of love to our family and friends. Ironically, whilst becoming more invisible in one way, I have also become physically larger, so my next post will be about ‘ stealth fat’ and how I am finally tackling it in a realistic way! My love to all the invisibles out there X


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