Courgette, coconut & lime cake

I am doing my best to cut back the calories, but I do love a slice of cake. I am looking for something that feels like an indulgent treat, but doesn’t pile on the pounds. It needs to be quick and easy to make- not a fussy cake.  Also, it has to pass the husband and teenagers test. Do hungry non-dieters like it too? This seems to fit the bill in our household. It is moist and tasty. More of a homely cake than an elegant one.

Beat together:(give the coconut fat 30 seconds in the microwave first to soften it)

100g creamed coconut block
120g caster sugar
1tbs sunflower oil
Zest of a lime

Mix in:

2 tbs almond milk

Stir in:

200g grated courgette (about 1 medium courgette, washed, but leave peel on)
200g SR flour
1teaspoon baking powder

Bake in lined circular tin (7inch) at 170c for 55 mins. Test with skewer

Remove from oven and pour over lime juice and icing sugar mix, whilst warm

80g icing sugar
Juice of 1 lime

Allow cake to cool before removing from tin


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