Small Pleasures

I am quite convinced that it is the small things in life that bring us most pleasure. When I think about what makes me happy, it is the familiar things like sitting with the family, in our sunny room in the afternoon with a nice cup of tea. The fact that I use just the right size china cup for my tea and proper tea leaves, is an important part of the occasion. It struck me when my friend said she always buys President butter, even if she is having to watch the spending, on the basis that she really enjoys it and it only costs 20p more than the own brand butter. It makes total sense. Why deprive yourself for such a small saving? Over a lifetime I am sure these small things give us more pleasure than the big ticket items. I work in a private school where many of the children enjoy numerous exotic holidays, but they often take them for granted because they have had so many. Recently one of the boys told me he was going on a safari trip and I said how exciting that must be. He said yes, he was looking forward to it, but what he longed for was time to sit down with his mother and watch a movie, as he only sees her in the school holidays. Sadly, she never has time to sit through a whole movie. So I am going to make the most of the special people and small pleasures in my life. My little luxuries are:
Good tea in a china cup, good coffee (ideally from Caracoli or Edgecumbes), a bunch of flowers on the table, a nice pen to write with(Pilot V pink fountain pen), good quality paper to write on, time for a countryside walk, Amelia Rope chocolate, good music and a glass of quality wine. That should do it.x






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