Make a plan!


I was inspired today by a teenage girl who I teach. She was so full of energy and enthusiasm as she told me that she has a list of all the places she wants to see and all the things she wants to do in the next few years. How she plans to save any money she can earn now, so that by the time she is ready to go to university she will have at least some of the money required. She has researched online to come up with a list of places she wants to visit. ‘Do you have all this written down? ‘ I asked ‘No, it is in my head, but I’m going to do it all. There is so much I want to do, so I need to make sure I have time to fit it all in’. I am totally in awe. If you could bottle this enthusiasm and determination, you could make a fortune. For years I have been talking about, and reading about, setting goals, but I’ve never really achieved a definitive list and stuck to it. We must never write-off young people, or make blanket negative statements about teenagers- we can learn so much from them. I feel quite sure she will achieve all she wants to. To keep motivated, I may allow myself to read a few more posts and books about life goals, but most importantly I must act and start ticking things off. Time waits for no man. Anyone got a really simple formula for deciding on goals and making them happen?


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