Ginger, carrot and apple cake


I have been experimenting with kamut (or khorasan) flour in baking. It has a higher protein content than standard white self raising flour ( 15% against 9%) and is also rich in selenium and manganese. I have used wholemeal kamut from Doves which is very fine.

I am aiming for a healthier cake which is a pleasure to eat, a treat with a cup of tea, not a sawdusty ‘health’ cake. It needs to be a cake that all the family will enjoy. This one has been well received by husband and one teenage son (the other one hates everything!) I hope you enjoy it!


50g butter softened
50g sunflower oil
100g sugar (soft brown would work well, but I used caster this time)
1teaspoon ginger powder

Stir in

2 beaten eggs

Stir in

75g Self Raising flour
75g kamut flour

Stir in

1 medium carrot grated (about 100g)
1 medium apple grated (about 100g)
50g sultanas
Dessert spoon of grated fresh ginger root (or two finely chopped stem ginger)
Spoon into lined loaf tin
Bake at 170C for 45 mins and test with a skewer


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