Personal SWOT Analysis


A SWOT analysis is a technique widely used by business to identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It is a really useful system to apply to ourselves to gain greater clarity about where we are and where we want to get to. Strengths and weaknesses are internal and more within your control, such as specific expertise you have or skills gaps. Opportunities and threats are external such as economic changes or change in demand for particular job roles.
If you make a simple 4 box grid, you can list your Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Strengths could be ability to code in Python, teach mathematics, manage a team. Weaknesses might be skills gaps, or simply areas that you find difficult, such as public speaking. Opportunities could be a new growth market that you have spotted. Threats could be changes to the market or law that might affect your current income.

Looking at your personal SWOT analysis, how could you capitalise on your strengths and opportunities? Are there any skills gaps that you can fill that would put you in a strong position to take advantage of new opportunities? What could you do to minimise your weaknesses? Further training, gaining knowledge, networking? Don’t ignore threats. They may be out of your control, but what action can you take to reduce their effect?

A SWOT analysis is a great way to help you think about your next move and think clearly and realistically about your goals for the future. Good luck!