In Support of the Midlife Crisis


I met my good friend for coffee yesterday and she sheepishly told me that she had just got a new car. A convertible. She was slightly apologetic and jumped straight in with the ‘must be having a midlife crisis’ line. Women of a certain age are often going through, or about to go through, the menopause. Our children are leaving home and we are left wondering where all the years went and why we look tired and old. We all need to have a midlife crisis. It is right that we should re-evaluate our lives, re-discover ourselves and reset all our gauges. In fact, everyone should probably be doing this every 5 years. I am a huge fan of the midlife crisis and am in the middle of one myself. I am excited to remember what I enjoy doing, try new things, travel and generally re-invent myself and my life.
My friend has fond memories of owning a convertible in her 20s, before having children. She is now re-discovering herself and she deserves to indulge herself after years of never putting herself first. I love a good midlife crisis and am ready to dive right in and see what happens, with no apologies.


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